Antitrust and Regulated Markets

Carey’s Antitrust and Regulated Markets Group covers all areas of antitrust law and regulatory matters, including litigation before the Antitrust Court (TDLC), Civil Courts, the Supreme Court, as well as advice on investigations by the National Economic Prosecutor (FNE) and negotiation of agreements with this agency.

Also, Carey has a proven track record securing the clearance of complex mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures before the TDLC, giving clients an objective assessment of the possibility that a particular acquisition, partnership or merger may lead to an investigation by the National Economic Prosecutor. The team also advises clients on their voluntary consultations before the TDLC.

The group also has experience advising various companies on both antitrust and regulatory internal audits, in order to identify and report client policies that could lead to compliance issues and regulatory risks. We assist our clients in designing compliance programs and codes of good practice.